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I broke down….

…and registered at FaceBook.  My curiousity of what ever happened to my high school friends just overwhelmed me.  I’m just starting to get used to the site but already am intrigued about being able to touch base with these people.  When I read the shortlist of people who I could meet from the good old… Read More »

Beverly Hills 90210

I didn’t want to make this public knowledge but I just had to. Besides, those who know me already suspected. I am a watcher of 90210 now that it has been revived on TV Tropolis. We recently upgraded our digital cable box with a PVR so now we (yes, someone else in the household also… Read More »

Stamps of Sincerity I wonder if they could make one that says:  “Xianglongshibazhang!”

Death to Sudoku!

C’mon everybody give it up.  Ye simpletons need to move onto more adult puzzlers.  Diagramless crosswords are a good start.  Cryptograms are also interesting and difficult.  But the greatest of all these are Acrostics (sometimes called Crostics or Anacrostics).   Infinite enjoyment.  Solve a Bertrand Russell quote using the letters to solutions of complex crossword clues. … Read More »

Geez, are we that hard up for controversy?

This Britney Spears Giving Birth sculpture debacle is yet another indication that America has too much time on their hands. Can you believe that this has caused controversy with the pro-lifers? I quote from the CBC: Pro-life advocates “thought this was degrading to their movement. And some pro-choice people were upset that this is a… Read More »

Domain-squatting and Typo-squatting

Domainsquatting is the act of buying up domains that other people may want to use (like and then selling it to an interested party for a fee.  People have made millions of dollars building up portfolios of domains and then selling them off.  The problem is that many of the obvious names are already purchased or in use.  You would need to be pretty… Read More »

Bizarre weather – if you lived anywhere else but in Canada

Ok, so a little over a week ago, I was skiing in a winter wonderland.  -5C with a good snow base at Horseshoe Valley.  7 days later, there’s no snow to be found, just the expected plethora of bottles, bags, and various garbage items that are hidden from view during the winter months but appear… Read More »

Oh Moldy Bread, why must you hurt me so?

I ate some moldy bread last night. Oh, how it hurt me. I ate some moldy bread last night. Oh, how it hurt me. It hurt me in the morning about the hour of 6 It hurt me in the noontime sitting at my desk I ate some moldy bread last night. Oh, how it hurt… Read More »


You keep going oh Mathematical Gods.  Find ye the largest prime number.  Even nerds need to have a goal.