Echo again!

Every two years we are graced with the presence of Echo. This time at the Danforth Music Hall. Went with Sean and Greg to experience the greatness that is Echo & the Bunnymen. We were pleased to see that they used the same drummer and bass guitarist as last time. They really add a much… Read More »

Fantasy over

Another season down the drain. This time around it played out that I had my best team and best season ever but no hardware on the mantle. When I think back, there was one pivotal moment in week 13 just before the playoffs where I entertained the idea of tanking my last week to avoid… Read More »

Superbowl prediction

I have a theory this year, and I will back it up by putting my money where my mouth is. This year, the Superbowl is going to be held outdoors in a cold weather city (New York) for the first time in a very very long time. I think this is the single most critical… Read More »

Craps baby

I can’t believe I didn’t make it to Vegas this year! Wow. But at least I was able to get my fix. We went to Detroit over the weekend braving the Snowmaggedon to get there (and it was tense to say the least). I haven’t been to Detroit in years. How shocking. The casino is… Read More »

Kids update

I blog more frequently on my kids private blogging area. But maybe it’s time to add a few comments here to bring people up to speed. The year was a healthy one for the kids. No broken appendages! Christien finally decided to grow a bit faster. He’s not the smallest kid in the school! This… Read More »

Goings on about the place this past year (Part 1)

So, I just noticed the last post I had here was on April 12th about losing our beloved tree. Fittingly, this event more or less is the cause of why I haven’t posted in quite some time. Since that day for all of spring and the better part of the summer we have been busy… Read More »

Lost our favourite tree

The big ice storm of April 2013 caused one big casualty on our property. Fortunately no further damage but we will be sad to see this tree gone

The Who – Quadrophenia Live

The weather was bad yesterday. But that didn’t stop Bryon, Pat and myself from heading to Hamilton to see The Who perform Quadrophenia (plus more!). For $150 a pop, a blizzard couldn’t hold us back. Floor level seats! The concert was absolutely fantastic. Quadrophenia, although not there top-selling album, was a great mini-opera album that… Read More »

Chicken Pox

Olivia has the pox. Yay. Greg is up for Wonderboy, not sure if he has had them. Whoops. Other than that life is good. Looking to buy a BlueJays package this year now that they finally spent some money and brought some talent in. Also have season tix to the Rangers. Playoffs are coming soon.… Read More »