Monthly Archives: December 2008

Blast from the Past courtesy of the Wizards

I braved the blustery snow storm today to grab a sub from the Wizards. While in line a familiar face walked into line behind me. Naturally, the wizard knew this person much like he knows pretty much everbody in this town. “Well, if it isn’t the professor. How our you Dr. McCutcheon?”.

No wonder he looked familiar. A little bit older, but not that much. All you MathBussers would recognize this Laurier Bus 111 prof.

Wizard’s wife started joking with the kids in front of me that one day hopefully they would get a passing grad from the old prof. As I paid for my sub and started to leave I quipped: “that old prof passed me when I was in his class”.

Prof McCutcheon stared me up and down and said: “When were you in my class?”. Feeling long in the tooth I responded: ” Fall of 91 – Bus 111 “. Looking sentimental he replied “Ah yes. A recent grad are you?”.

Not feeling so old anymore I mentioned that I went on to get my Math / Bus degree and am working locally. He wished me well as I went on my way.

Now here’s hoping I catch up with ole Prof Furino some day. That man never forgot a face.

The end of the season

After starting the season 6-2 and posting on this site the overwhelming win in week 8 where I topped the century mark, the remainder of the season took a nosedive.

Just when the team was looking unbeatable, I took injuries to my top QB and my top RB and there was no way to stop the plummet.

I proceeded to lose the remaining 5 games of the season and backing my way into the playoffs thanks to tie-breaker policy. Most of these games were heartbreakers where I was passed by my opponent on the final game of the week.

The final humiliation came during the last 3 games: the remaining 2 in the season and the 1st playoff game. All three games were against the same opponent due to bizarro scheduling and playoff rules for determining matchups. Each of those games were lost because of the performance of his remaining player on the final game of the week. The most humbling of all being my elimination last week. His no-name of a WR decided to have a career game and a fantasy windfall: 23 points. By a WR that equates to 200Yds receiving, 2 TDs and 11 receptions. That is unheard of! The result was my opponent topping the century mark to my 84.5 pts. 84.5 pts will win games 95% of the time! No other player in the pool last week topped 80 pts….except for my opponent.

H2H is a fickle master. You can put your best guys out there, post a great score and still lose. It leaves me thinking what could I have done? There’s no blame I can place on myself in this instance. Not like last year where playing a different WR would have made the difference.

The good news is that I can let it go. There’s nothing I could have done outside of the bizarre notions. For example, I owned his no-name WR in week 3. Back then he had potential but was not showing it. After dumping him he turns his game around and becomes a WR2 type receiver. If I had kept this guy, it is likely that he would not have defeated me. But that is such a stretch that I can’t even use this as an excuse to place blame on myself.

Initiation to the ‘challenge’ of having 2 children

Last week, the household was sick. One does not know what exhaustion is until you experience having a horrible cold….yet not being able to lay down and recover. I must admit I reached some alltime lows last week when in the thick of it.

With everyone being sick to some degree it was not possible for someone to pick up the slack. We had to find a way to co-operate and always keep in mind that this will only be for a few days. Take any comments with a grain of salt.

Somehow we managed to get through unscathed.

I’m sure it will happen again when there will be no rest for the wicked during time of sickness. Hopefully not for a while. Now that the initiation has taken place, I will be better prepared and my expectations properly set.