Monthly Archives: May 2008

An impulse buy

I just bought 14 tickets to any Blue Jay game. Price about 420 total = $30 a ticket. The retail price for the seats are $49 so if I do use them up I guess it’s worth the up front transaction. We already have 4 tickets going towards the Cubs/Jays game on June 14. Not a big fan of interleague play but the Cubs are a very good team worth seeing in person.

Anyway, I’m back! Should start to see more regular blogs coming up. I’ve been busy with spring clean, garden, etc. along with work. Have lots to talk about including my sudden surge in my yearly fantasy pool and the NEW H2H pool that I signed up for. Let’s just say that it’ll be a lot more interesting if I can get the guys to buy into a dynasty H2H or even (alas) Rotisserie format. Keepers add way more interest and even keep the bottom dwellers interested in the season from start to finish.