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Eww! I’ve drupaled all over myself! Or, what is that Wonderboy all about?

That’s right, I’ve drupaled. If you don’t know what drupal is go here: The two second summary is that drupal is an open-source content management framework (CMF) for setting up and maintaining community-type websites. It has built in features for managing discussion groups, image galleries, community blogs, stories, upcoming events, basically anything you need… Read More »

The Dems are in

Well, it happened:  The Democrats won both Senate and House.  AND on the same day Donald Rumsfeld the right hand grease-monkey to the ham-fisted George dubwa Bush also stepped down from his lame attempt at being useful. I fear the US economy may take a hit with the Dems in control but it’s a small… Read More »

What are those crazy Midterms all about?

The U.S. midterm elections are TOMORROW.  What does this mean? It all has to do with 2 ‘chambers’ of the Congress of the United States. Each one plays a huge role in passing legislation. You see, the President weilds a lot of power in the US but is hamstrung in certain important areas by these… Read More »

Poll: Crazy “Leaders”

Rank the following political leaders in order of most screws loose. Please justify your top pick. Feel free to provide rationale for other ranked persons: George W Bush Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Hugo Chavez Muammar al-Gaddafi Ehud Olmert Vladimir Putin Other (please specify) Assignment due ASAP.

Meet Quentin’s next movie star: Hugo Chavez

In your thickest Central American accent, say the following line: “I sting those who rattle me.  Don’t mess with me, Condoleezza.” If you said those words with that accent, you would sound a lot like Hugo Chavez when he lashed out at US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice after she stated that his country had… Read More »