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1st round success

Well, hard work and some luck pay off. With my two best RBs out for Sunday, I managed to pull off a win in big fashion: 89.3 – 64.3. Against the same team that put me out in the 1st round back in ’07 when I was sailing to what I was hoping would be… Read More »

Baseball history

I haven’t blogged about baseball in a long time but last night was too exceptional to not take not of: Baseball craziness The craziest points to take out of this is the unbelievable combination of TB’s amazing comeback with 1 strike left in the game, and Boston’s dumbfounding blowup with 1 strike left in their… Read More »

Finally back on track with my game

So that I can remember, here’s the breakdown: Village 9 #1 (par 5): (1) Driver, 240 yds, left rough. (2) 3 iron, 190 yds, left rough. (3) 7 iron, 35 yd runner to front pin, green. (4) Putt, 30ft (5) 2 ft putt. Score: Par in reg, 2 Putt #2 (par 3): (1) 4 iron… Read More »

Neighbourhood (not the Arcade Fire version)

When I was a wee lad, I remember spending each and every summer day outside and roaming free around the neighbourhood. Neighbourhood, back then, spanned several blocks of real estate. I lived in a small town with the typical gridlike layout so I was usually never within view of the homestead. Indeed, once I was… Read More »

Congrats to Robby my golf bud

Robby hit a hole-in-one last Monday on the 4th hole on the Village 9 at Conestoga. It’s a 140 yd hole. The challenge on that day was that it just after a huge downpour (soaked greens) and the fog was rising from the ground. We weren’t certain until we got to the green and looked… Read More »

Oh, irony.

I’ve been trying to convince myself over the past week that it wasn’t really a bad beat in week 15, I shouldn’t have won, I was lucky to be there. Losing on the last possible play. Well, IF the unbelievable hadn’t happened, I’d be poised to pick up my 3rd title in the past 5… Read More »

Ugh. Sucks to be on the other end…

So after the big surprise win last week, I had the same thing happen to me. And on the last play of the last game! I was up by a couple of points with everything looking to be going my way. Then, the rookie QB for the Packers panicked and got sacked from the blindside,… Read More »

Miracle in Week 14

I can’t believe I didn’t watch last night’s MNF football matchup. But I was soooooo tired. How tired? Well, for me to not watch the pivotal game in my 1st round matchup in my H2H league…when I’m losing by only 3 pts going into the game….when I have my #1 QB and Kicker up against… Read More »


OK, I’m not super excited, but at this moment, right now, I’m BARELY ahead of my competition this week (71.1 – 69.9) to win a HUGE upset in my FFB league. I shouldn’t even believe I have a chance but…WOW I do. There’s 2 min left in the game and I’m up by one reception.… Read More »

Golf weekend

To more or less close out the golf season (except for the slim chance that the stars align for an unexpected November round) – Pat, Robbie and I had a golf weekend outing using Pat’s cottage north of Wiarton (along the west coast of the peninsula) as the home base. Pat recently purchased this cottage… Read More »