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Psychic Poker

OK, this seems to me to be a no-brainer but I’ve got to pose it anyway.  An interesting friend of mine named ‘Dave L’ asked the following (I’ll be paraphrasing): Texas Hold’em:  If you were psychic and had the ability of either knowing 1 of your opponent’s 2 hole cards or knowing what the river… Read More »

Found: money

I was looking through all my poker accounts over the weekend and found $1000 sitting in my Paradise account.  This windfall will be put to good use:  going towards a trip somewhere, someday soon (I can’t divulge any details at this time). While logged into Paradise I took a look-see around and discovered that there… Read More »

Back on the Tour

After a 4+ month hiatus I have returned to the live poker stage.  Mostly because it’s time to sharpen up before WonderBoy ’07.  The time-off has certainly dulled the edges a bit.  On the plus side it appears I have unintentionally changed my approach to the game. In the past I used to live and… Read More »

Chipping the rust off

Well, I went out to play poker last night for the first time in a very long time.  My buddy Gerald G.  (pocket G’s I like to call him) was hosting a 10 player no-limit night.  Typical blind structure.  Re-buys until 10:00pm and one additional add-on before going into the elimination round.

Cards Plugin

I added a plugin that graphically displays cards.  Now I can easily show scenarios where I have Dave Loop dominated.  Like when I have :Ah:Kh vs Dave’s :Ac:Td 

Table image (online)

I received this email from a fellow poker bluffer named Zarbuck: I hear there is this thing called table image. I would think the qualities of table image must be that the person has been winning. Or at least not losing. This would attribute to table image. But wouldn’t another quality be a big stack? If… Read More »

Raising from early position

I have been discussing with some folks the strategy around a no-limit sit’n’go. One of the interesting questions that was raised by Dave Loop was with a table of passives, does it make sense to try to steal blinds from early position. My response was this: